How it all began....



There are occurrences that we go through in life that forever change our lives. I was privileged enough to experience the ultimate "life change" and essentially because of a very special dog. This amazing four-legged soul mate showed me what unconditional love was, what never ending support and devotion was and many other invaluable things. Many people ask why my rescue is named Zoe's House. Well for those of you that do not know me that well, Zoe was this extraordinary four-legged soul mate. She is the reason that I rescue and she is also a major contributor of who I am today.


I rescued Zoe five and a half years ago. The truth is, she rescued me. This majestic Doberman helped me through the loneliest and most troublesome time period that I have ever been through. I had moved away from life as I knew it for a fresh start. New beginnings should be all smiles right? Not when you are relocating to a new area where you know no one and nothing is of comfort. It was even harder when I was making this move to do some soul searching and pick up the pieces of a broken past. I adopted Zoe from a rescue after realizing that I needed some fulfillment in my life. I always loved strong breed dogs and related well to them. It was hands down one of the best decisions I have ever made. I never had a tear hit the ground with her, as her head was there to catch them. I never had days where I couldn't get out of bed, as she would get me up for a walk. I never had to worry about being dismal, as she would look me in my eyes and somehow speak to my heart. She became my best friend, my confident, my soul mate, and my heart dog.


Once I had my motivation and positive outlook on life back, nothing could stand in our way. I wanted to save lives. I wanted to take dogs that were going to be put down and give them hope. Better yet, I wanted to change the lives of these dogs with broken dreams and place them into a home that they could call forever. I strived to change my adopters lives by bringing these beings together and showing them even a fraction of what I was living every day. Zoe and I continued to grow and so did my passion of rescue and my meaning of life.


I lost Zoe in November of 2010. To say that saying goodbye was unbearable is the largest understatement ever. I remember every word I spoke, every tear that fell onto her muzzle for the last time and most importantly the way she looked at me as I held her in her last moments. I not only lost my Dobergirl that day, but I lost a huge part of my heart that she will always have. I could never entirely explain what Zoe has done for me. Most of it cannot be expressed in words. It was clear to me though that the ultimate thank you to Zoe on the other side of that Rainbow Bridge would be to continue to rescue as many lives as I can. What a better way to do so than in her name and in her home. So Zoe's House is in remembrance of this astounding girl and carrying on the legacy that she instilled in me. Zoe's House is a foundation formed not only to change the lives of these homeless animals; but also the lives of the humans we welcome into the Zoe's House family.


-Lakin Harmon / Founder