Questions about fostering....?

Our foster homes are a vital part of our organization. Because we don't operate a shelter yet, placements depend on the participation of foster parents.  Foster parents serve as the bridge between a pet's unfortunate situation and its new and better life.


We can only rescue as many animals as we have room for.  Animal shelters euthanize dozens of healthy and friendly animals each day to make space for the new ones coming in. In the US, an animal is euthanized EVERY 8 seconds. Devastatingly, animal rescue groups have to turn away dozens of adoptable animals each week because they lack foster parents. Not only do foster parents maximize the number of animals rescued, they also help to care for animals that would be difficult to care for in a shelter or kennel environment.  Animals that do not do well in a kennel environment include puppies, animals with compromised immune systems and/or dogs that are senior or special needs.


By fostering a rescued dog through Zoe's House, you are saving a dog's life. Fostering can be a very rewarding experience for you as well as your foster dog. Fostering provides times to ensure each rescued dog is healthy, has been spayed/neutered and treated for any existing medical problems. It also provides time to socialize and evaluate while we are finding them the perfect new forever home. We can better place rescued dogs when we know more about their personalities and likes/dislikes.


Fostering is an amazing and rewarding experience. We will help you every step of the way by providing assistance and guidance. If you can supply the love, patience, a warm home and basic training of a dog in need.... We would love to hear from you!


Frequently asked Questions:


How much will it cost me to foster?

From the time we rescue a pet until the day it leaves foster care, Zoe's House assumes responsibility for all necessary expenses related to the animal's healthcare and well-being. We'll pay all veterinary expenses, including any necessary vaccinations, deworming, microchipping, spaying/neutering, heartworm treatments/testing, routine medications and emergency veterinary visits. We will provide all fosters with food and a crate if necessary; However, as a donation many of our fosters supply food.


How long will I have to foster?

The minimum time an animal is in our rescue is 2 weeks. This allows us time to get a thorough evaluation of the animal in foster care before being adopted. The maximum time that an animal is in our care depends on each situation. Medical needs, behavioral modification and age can all play a role in the fostering  time frame. Of course, while the pet is in foster care, we work diligently to quickly provide a carefully screened, permanent home for the pet you've so graciously taken in.


Can I adopt the dog or cat I foster?

Yes. Foster parents who wish to adopt the animal they foster go through the same screening process as adoption applicants.


What if I already have pets of my own?

If you are fostering a dog, we ask that they be introduced very slowly to your pets. Some dogs may never be able to be mingled with your own pets. We will help you through this process and also the introductions.



So, you are ready to open up your home and heart.  What is next?

Please complete our application to Volunteer with us by clicking here and complete the entire application including the fostering section.  We very much look forward to speaking with you!