Our adoption process is outlined below.  We get many questions on next steps and we hope that this may help with the steps involved.  The process does move rather quickly.  Please note that our process is in place to ensure the best possible match for the family and the dog.  The reward of rescue for all of us is seeing our beloved fosters live their entire lives in a loving furever home.  




Step One: Is This Breed Right for You?
If this is your first time considering the breed you are applying for, please research the breed and be sure it will fit into your lifestyle. It is extremely important that we ensure each dog is able to remain in its new adoptive home for the rest of its life. Please contact us if you have questions about the breed. 


Step Two: Complete our Adoption Application
After deciding that this breed is exactly what will fit your household, we ask that you complete our adoption application. We require answers to several questions as well as personal references and one veterinary reference.  


Step Three: Veterinary Reference Check

After completing your application, we ask that you contact your veterinarian that you listed on the application and allow them to release information to Zoe's House.  We ypically make this phone call within 24 hours of receiving your application.  When we speak to your veterinarian, we are just ensuring that your current pets are up to date on vaccines and spayed/neutered.  Any dogs in the home need to be on heartworm preventative.  We do require that all dogs adopted through Zoe's House remain on heartworm preventative year-round for the rest of their lives.  If your current dogs are not on heartworm preventative, we would be more than happy to speak with you about the importance of heartworm preventative and then direct you on how to get your pet protected before adopting from Zoe's House.


Step Four: Phone Call

After speaking with your vet, we set up a time to speak with you via the phone.  This is a good time to ask any questions that you may have and also to get some information on the dog you are interested in.  This helps you to get to know our organization and also helps us to get to know you as a potential new home!  We always look forward to speaking to our potential adopters and getting to know your family!  Please feel free to ask ANYTHING during this call!  



Step Five: Meeting the Dog and the Home Visit
Once your application has been reviewed, your references are checked and we have spoken with you on the phone, you will be able to meet the dog you are interested in adopting. We also ask that your entire family (including all other family pets) be available to meet the dog. We need to visit your home prior to finalizing the adoption and we normally like to bring the dog to your home to meet your family and your other pets during the home visit.  This can be done on two seperate occasions as well.  The reason we do the home visit is to see where the dog will be living and also to observe the dogs interaction with you, your family and the other pets in your home. Our home visits normally last an hour or two. This is also a good time to discuss any concerns and/or questions you may have about owning a rescued dog.


Please keep in mind adoptions are at our discretion.  We will gladly introduce you to any of the dogs in our care that we feel will fit into your lifestyle and circumstances. You are under no obligation to adopt any dog we introduce to you and your family. Please do not be afraid to express questions and/or concerns when meeting the rescued dog. We want this dog to remain a member of your family for the rest of his/her life and be the perfect match!

Final Step: Completing the Adoption Contract
Once you, your family and Zoe's House feel as though a match has been made, we will complete our adoption contract.  Our contract includes a section that lists everything in detail we know/have learned about the dog. We include this information in an attempt to make the transition easier for everyone.  We also have a section that ensure that our rescues never end up in a shelter again.  If through unfortunate circumstances the dog can no longer remain in the adoptive home, he/she MUST be returned to Zoe's House.   


Continued Contact 
We communicate with the new adoptive family several times during the first few weeks after adoption. We address any issues that may arise with the family and/or the new addition. If there are any issues, we want to be able to address them immediately and help in any way that we possibly can.  We never want our adopters to feel that after they sign the contract that they are on their own.  We encourage the adoptive families to contact us at any time with concerns or questions. We are always here to assist the new adoptive home in any way possible.  Once you have adopted a dog from us, we consider you family!  We truly live to see our foster dogs go onto their furever homes and love welcoming new families into our rescue family!  At this point, we truly just marvel at watching the next chapter of the dogs journey in your home!  


We look forward to speaking with you about completing your family and extending our rescue family a little more!  Please feel free to email us with any additional questions or concerns!