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Fostering is not easy. But it is BEYOND rewarding! We are always in need of loving foster families. See if your home can be a safe haven until we find them a furever home.




Are you ready to be a foster?

GREAT! It's such a rewarding act of love. Because some of our rescues have been abused or deprived of knowing what loving home is like, we ask all volunteers to complete an application, a personal interview and undergo a home visit. We want to get to know you, learn about your dog experience and any special skills or interests you may have. We want you to succeed as a foster by matching you up with a dog that is able to fit into your home and lifestyle.  


Please note that our Foster and Volunteer application are one and the same. 

Visit our FAQ page for an explanation as well as other frequently asked questions. Email us if you did not find an answer there.



Want some first-hand stories of what fostering is like?

Check out a few of the stories from our veteran and first-time foster families.



This little lady was surrendered by a Puppy Mill. She lived her entire life with the purpose of having babies. Often mill mommas spend their life in a crate, being neglected and seen only as income. They are bred over and over, then the mill owner discards them. That's where Zoe’s House steps up and saves these mammas. Millie came to us never knowing what a bed was like, or what it was like to feel love... Read Amanda & Millie's full story



Georgia, a Doberman, was my first foster experience. Georgia was a puppy mill mom raised on a farm, so when we took her in she was very timid, shy and frozen like a statue by all these new experiences. We were amazed at how quickly she adapted to living in a home... Read April & Georgia's full story



My husband and I were really on the fence about fostering. We talked about it a lot before even discussing it with the kids. We had all the usual thoughts most people have when they think about fostering... We’ll never be able to give them away, will this be a financial burden, and will our children (ages 16, 4, and 2) be able to handle giving our foster away?  Scarlett showed us the way.  Read Amy & Scarlett's full story... 

Can you see why they open their hearts & homes?

Please consider joining our Zoe's House Family & help us save more lives.

Foster Stories
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