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Sweet Georgia Girl

My first foster experience was Georgia, a doberman. Georgia was a puppy mill mom raised on a farm. When we took her in she was so timid and shy. She quickly adapted to living in a home. She learned how to walk up and down steps. She learned its ok to eat inside the house. She learned how to ride in a car and walk on a leash. She learned how to play - when we got her she was so depressed and frozen like a statue. She wouldn't wag her tail or perk up at all. She learned that toys and stuffies and chasing ball are actually fun and its ok to have fun! Most importantly, she learned that people can LOVE and will no one will hurt her anymore.

After a few weeks she transformed into a completely different dog. Happy, loving, playful and adapted to her new life. It was so amazing to watch this girl transform and come out of her shell a little bit more every week! It brings me tears of joy to see how happy she is and how far she has come.

This has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever experienced. I am looking forward to fostering again as it is so rewarding to take a dog and show them love and watch them blossom! Thank you to Zoe's House for always being there to answer all the questions I had along the way and for all you do for dogs :)

Foster April Crossley

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