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Loving Miss Minnie

There are very few things more rewarding than providing sanctuary to a furry little being that is just bursting with love to give. So often animals that come to rescue have lived a rough life, especially those saved by Zoe’s House. This organization goes above and beyond to help surrendered, stray, and high risk animals receive the medical care the need and be placed in a loving home. Take Minnie, for example.

This little lady was surrendered by a Puppy Mill. She lived her entire life with the purpose of having babies... often mill mommas spend their life in a crate, being neglected and seen only as income. Once they are bread over and over and the mill owner is done, they discard them. Zoe’s House drops everything to run to mills and save these mammas. Minnie came to us never knowing what a bed was like, or what it was like to feel love.

Now she’s living the life! No more babies for this mamma. She’s been cared for lovingly in her foster home, spay, is being potty trained, learning to play toys and will soon be placed for adoption. She’s sweet, friendly, and so very full of love to give a deserving family. Having the opportunity to save babies like Miss Minnie is exactly what rescue is all about!

Foster Amanda Pelesky

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