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New Business, New Pet? Strategies to Manage it All

Being a new pet parent is fun and exhausting. Starting a new business while also parenting a new pet is like juggling chainsaws; you cannot take your eye off anything for long, or a disaster will ensue. You can do it all, with help. Resources are available that can take a bit of the burden out of pet and business ownership.

If you have not yet taken the leap, but are considering adoption, Zoe’s House Inc can help you find just the right canine companion. The love of a dog is unconditional and long-term; Zoe can help match you up with a pup and offer helpful advice to make the transition successful. Strategies like establishing a routine for yourself and your pet can offer consistency that can reduce your stress levels.

Routines Are Good for Pets and Business

When you are parenting a new pet and establishing a business, a structure for your day is a sanity-saver. Try to establish consistent times for waking, feeding, and walking your pet. Set a predictable schedule of hours you will be at home and work. From day one, you should crate your pet while you’re there, so that he or she gets used to being in the crate in a comfortable environment. This will make it easier to crate your pet if you need to while you’re gone, and it will help your pet from getting separation anxiety. It may feel difficult to leave your pet, particularly when you are not sure what you might come home to at the end of the day. Fortunately, there are apps that can help you track your pet’s needs, location, and behavior while you are gone.

Apps that track pet behavior are essentially a method to spy on your pet while you are away. There are additional apps that can allow you to talk to your pet from work, which may help reduce their stress. Better yet, create a space at work for your new buddy, even if you have a customer-facing business. Work pets bring joy to the workplace, particularly if your new friend is mild-mannered. Make sure you post that there is a pet on the premises to alert customers who have allergies. Some pets struggle with separation anxiety, so this is an important factor to consider as you head to work.

Resources for Your Pet

If your good buddy has separation anxiety, it may be helpful to consider a pet daycare for times when you can’t bring them with you or will be away from home for more than a few hours at a time. Reputable pet daycares understand the needs of your pet and may be able to accommodate overnight stays if you need to take a business trip. Connect your pet daycare with your veterinarian in the event of an emergent medical need while you are away.

Homeopathic remedies for stress can be helpful for pets, and many options can be researched and reviewed online. One of the best ways to help your pet thrive is to hire an animal behaviorist to interpret actions and retrain compassionately. Trainers may be able to assist your pet with more adaptive behaviors and help you learn how to maintain their progress. You can find an experienced trainer and check out reviews to ensure that you are spending time and money on someone who will offer you results. Keeping your stress level low is important as a pet parent and new business owner. One way of doing that is to formulate your business in a way that can keep your stress to a minimum.

Low-Stress Business Formation

Keeping your stress levels low can create a healthier life for you and your pet. A low-stress business format like filing as a limited liability company (LLC) can make a huge difference in maintaining your inner calm. LLC owners often find that the reduced paperwork and business flexibility get them home and with loved ones faster, and tax advantages keep more of their money in their pockets.

Some business owners opt to file their formation on their own, but that can require a lot of time and energy, as each state has unique regulations. Hiring a formation company is an inexpensive option and takes the pressure and stress off your shoulders. The time you save can give you more hours to spend with your new best friend, taking walks, or playing fetch.

As you start your journey as a business owner and new pet parent, check out the blog at Zoe’s House for tips and inspiration.

(Written by Cindy Aldridge)

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