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A Fairy Tail Ending Fit for a Princess

After some bumps in the road of life, I found myself looking for a greater purpose in life. I found that and more with Zoe’s House Rescue. I saw that Zoe’s House was about to save some yorkies and was desperate for fosters. My first thought of no quickly changed to well maybe. I got in contact with the rescue and they put all my concerns to rest. Needless to say my husband and I put in an application and were approved.

Our first foster was a yorkie from a puppy mill. They were done breeding her and looking to “dispose” of her. This tiny, thin, terrified little girl arrived and I will never forget that day. We got to name her which I found super exciting. We named her “Sofia the First” after the Disney princess. We thought this was especially fitting since she was our first foster. It was a lot of work getting her ready for a new home. It took time to get her used to being out of a crate as Sofia was never on carpet or grass. Her paws were spread from walking on the chicken wire bottom of a crate for so long. We taught her how to drink from a bowl. The mill most likely fed her with a bottle like they use for hamsters.

We taught her what toys were. At first Sofia treated them like her babies and would gather them into an area of the room and sit with them. When we went for walks it was the slowest longest walk ever. It was all so new to her. She had to smell everything!

She progressed and found the perfect forever home. A home where she will never be in a crate again and gets all the love a dog should get. It was honestly one of the proudest moments in my life. To say a few tears were shed is an understatement. Without Zoe’s House Rescue and us fostering her, Sofia would have been killed.

This is just my story. Talk to anyone at Zoe’s House and they will share their story of how this rescue changed their lives for the better. This is just one dog. Zoe’s House takes in dogs that face death over and over. They give them a chance to live and be loved. This rescue has given me purpose. I affect the lives of people and animals with my work through the rescue. Zoe’s House Rescue is the No Kill organization that our the dogs and our community needs!

Foster Steffany Sheeler

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