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And then there is Hope

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Hope came to us from a local emergency partner VSEC. They called us at 11 pm at night for a dog that was brought in as DOA (dead on arrival) until they saw her blink. The staff immediately went into life-saving measures and began stabilizing this sweet 6-month-old Rottweiler puppy we later named Hope. Her odds were not great initially for survival, but they asked if we wanted to give her a chance.

Apparently, she was left outside on one of the hottest days of the year and suffered severe heatstroke. Her body temperature at the vet's office was 109 degrees which literally was cooking her insides. We agreed she deserved a chance and decided to see how she did through the night. The next day she was more alert and lifting her head on her own. Her bloodwork was still not great, but we decided we were all in! Over the course of the next week, she was in intensive care and received specialized treatment. She was fed through a tube and her stomach had to slough off and regenerate because of being essentially cooked. We had to do a couple transfusions, many different combinations of meds and a variety of doctors but every day she showed us her will to live and we just had to fight right on with her.

Hope was released over a week later and was put into medical foster. We observed her for any signs of neuro damage or any issues and she was just the happiest, most thankful and sweetest girl. We came to find out she never was inside a home until the day we brought her home. She was timid coming in the house initially, but once she realized how loving a home could be, she ate every ounce of it up. Hope recently went to a foster home who likely will be adopting her and was cleared with a perfect bill of health. She was our biggest and most expensive case to date. We were able to save her thanks to our amazing village! Hope taught us that if you still have the fight in you, you never stop trying! Hopes smile speaks volumes and is the true definition of a tur rags to riches story!

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